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800+ happy customers trust WebEngage

Why Use WebEngage for WhatsApp Marketing?

Understand what your users do before and after they drop-off and drive them towards the most optimal flow with Path Analysis.

Easy To Setup

Easy, 2-step integration with the WSP of your choice.


Human touch for all your outgoing messages.

Rich Messaging

Support for Text, Video, Gif, Images, Location, and more.

One Platform Solving A Sea Of Use Cases​

Automate transactional updates, resolve customer queries or simply hold conversations, WhatsApp can be a crucial way to engage your users, wherever they are.

Transactional Messages

Send company updates and other business-critical information.

Conversational Messages

Share the latest brands, exciting deals, and much more.

Account Updates

Let your users know that you’ve held their carts for them.

Promotional Messages

Hand-hold your customers with a great onboarding experience.

Liên hệ để được tư vấn

Hãy liên lạc với chúng tôi và bắt đầu dùng thử miễn phí

Hyper-personalize Your Communications to Add a Human Touch

Bring relevancy in your communications by customizing and personalizing every WhatsApp message with customer details, preferences, and user behavior.

Orchestrate Your Whatsapp Campaigns Based on User Actions

Marketing Automation Workflows that send contextual messages based on user actions. Added a product to cart but failed to checkout? Send a checkout reminder on WhatsApp!

Real-time Analytics That Boost Your Whatsapp Marketing Initiatives.

Campaign Management

Design and manage your multi channel campaign to build a unified customer experience, all from the same dashboard.

Campaign Reporting

Analyze the effectiveness and overall performance of your WhatsApp messages using data-rich reports and visual dashboards, in real-time

Conversion Tracking

A simple 2-step way to understand the number of conversions per campaign and the amount of revenue it’s contributing to your bottom line.


Configuration Setting

Keep a check on your outgoing campaigns with features such as DND, Throttling, and Frequency Capping.

What makes WebEngage the best fit for your WhatsApp Marketing needs?

Get 10X engagement with third-party integrations and an in-house customer data platform.

Enrich Whatsapp Messages with Data from Your Systems

Fetch real-time data from the WebEngage Customer Data Platform, and instantly turn your messages from coldly impersonal to warmly familiar!

Integrate with the WSP of Your Choice

Integrate with the WhatsApp Service Provider (WSP) of your choice and start sending WhatsApp campaigns in a few simple clicks.

Key Features

Send Time Optimization

Dynamic Templating

A/B Testing

Deep Linking

Send Time Optimization

Dynamic Templating

A/B Testing

Deep Linking

User-level Insights

Data Platform Integration

User-level Insights

Data Platform Integration