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Smart customer interaction platform helps consolidate customer data, multi-channel customer interaction & personalize customer experience to help businesses maximize revenue from existing customer base

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Customer Data Platform

Eliminate data silos by consolidating customer data from multiple sources and creating a unified view of your customers. Leverage this data to create user subgroups while keeping your data secure.

Product & Revenue Analytics

Understand users based on behavioral data and preferences with in-depth tools such as cohorts, conversion funnels, paths, uninstalls and real-time behavioral analysis.

Real-time segmentation

Identify high-priority customer segments with the RFM model or create on-demand segments based on real-time customer profiles and behavior.

Omni-channel Engagement

Bring customers to your brand and vice versa. Don't let channel availability limit your engagement strategy. We've got your back!

Web Hyper-Personalization

Create personalized website experiences for customers at scale with custom sites, notifications, and surveys.

Orchestrate Your Campaigns And Fly On Autopilot

Create workflows, set rules, choose channels, and run contextual campaigns at scale based on customer and business behaviors.

Create Mobile App Experiences Unique To Each User

Leverage a combination of behavioral data and target segments to give users unique app experiences

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WebEngage has been crucial in helping us revolutionize our online user experience by helping us hyper-personalize our messages across channels Scott Newton

Scott Newton
Chief Communications Officer

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WebEngage's full-stack Retention Marketing OS has enabled us to retain players, increase our CLTV & revenue. WebEngage is our true growth partner.
Krishnandu Guha
Chief Marketing Officer

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I'm a fan of DIY products which are both developer and marketer friendly. WebEngage checks all the right boxes. I'm a happy customer.

Aniket Thankkar
VP – Marketing

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