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Create Granular Customer Segments On The Fly!

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Build Precise Customer Segments with Multiple Data Filters in Seconds

Create multiple user segments that suit your business needs using personal & user behaviour data.

Behavioral Data

Access behavioral insights gleaned from user actions like app install, clicks, purchase history, etc.

Demographic Data

Enrich campaigns with key profile information like Name, Gender, Birthdate, Education, etc.

Locational Data

Use location-specific information about your users like City, State, Postcode, Country, etc.


Find out technology-specific information like Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Browser, OS, etc.

User Data

Segregate your users on the basis of existing & new users, acquisition source, channel reachability, etc.


Check if user is reachable on Push, In-app, SMS, On-site, Web Push, Email, and WhatsApp.

Automate Campaigns with Ready-To-Use Static Segments

Dive deeper into your segments in a matter of seconds and unpack insights from more than just a few directions with WebEngage’s Marketing Automation.

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Segment, Engage, Convert! Achieve Your Business Goals with WebEngage

Identify trends in user actions and create instant remarketing lists. Engage your customers to get better product user engagement and higher conversions.

Engage with customer lists

Put your customer lists to use in intelligent, data-led campaigns.

Personalize your campaigns

Create hyper-personalized experiences for your customer segments.

Use automation workflows

Use trigger-based journeys to create high-conversion, dynamic campaigns.

Retarget with Facebook and Google

Export custom segments to run remarketing campaigns FB & Google.