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Drive Website Engagement with High Impact Notifications!

800+ happy customers trust WebEngage

Seek User Engagement with a Plethora of On-site Templates

Launching a new feature or product? Onboarding new users? Extending exciting offers? Choose from a list of 100+ pre-built templates that best suit your brand with WebEngage’s Marketing Automation.

Utilize Customer Data to Make Your On-site Notifications Stand Out!

Leverage real-time behavioral data to personalize your overlays such that they really speak to your target audience, on a one-on-one basis.

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Bring Campaign Analytics to the Centre of All Your Engagement & Retention Efforts

Campaign Management

Design and manage your multi channel campaign to build a unified customer experience, all from the same dashboard.

Campaign Reporting

Analyze the effectiveness and overall performance of your In-line Content using data-rich reports and visual dashboards, in real-time.

Conversion Tracking

A simple 2-step way to understand the number of conversions per campaign and the amount of revenue it’s contributing to your bottom line.

Configuration Setting

Keep a check on your outgoing campaigns with features such as DND, Throttling, and Frequency Capping.