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800+ happy customers trust WebEngage

Why Use WebEngage For In-Line Personalization?​

Understand what your users do before and after they drop-off and drive them towards the most optimal flow with Path Analysis.

Seamless Experience

Let your website reflect the same messages as your promotional campaigns.


Hassle-free personalization platform with reduced technical dependencies.

Custom Themes

Make sure your on-page elements blend into your website with custom theming.

One Platform Solving A Sea Of Use Cases​

Plug-n-play layouts, different response-types, logically branched questions, complete CSS customization, and aesthetically designed templates.

Welcome Banners

Greet your website visitors with a warp personalized message.

Cart Abandonment

Remind your customers of pending items in cart across the website.

Product Recommendations

Connect WebEngage with your recommendation engine and showcase high-propensity products

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Show complimentary products and increase your average order value

Liên hệ để được tư vấn

Hãy liên lạc với chúng tôi và bắt đầu dùng thử miễn phí

Provide 1:1 Product Recommendations at Scale

Fuel your recommendation engine with the power of personalization campaign and optimize your website conversions.

Convert a Static Website into Multiple Dynamic Instances

Choose from a gallery of 150+ templates to customize every on-page element. Edit content, add folds and revamp your website for every individual customer.


Create Campaigns for All Stages of the Customers’ Lifecycle

Visually map different scenarios in which your users experience your product, track user lifecycle stages and tailor real-time communications with in-line personalization.

Bring the Power of A/B Testing to How You Sell

Enable your users to help you customize their experiences. Create multiple iterations and then use A/B testing to validate your hypotheses.

Bring Campaign Analytics to the Centre of All Your Engagement & Retention Efforts

Campaign Management

Design and manage your multi channel campaign to build a unified customer experience, all from the same dashboard.

Campaign Reporting

Analyze the effectiveness and overall performance of your In-line Content using data-rich reports and visual dashboards, in real-time.

Conversion Tracking

A simple 2-step way to understand the number of conversions per campaign and the amount of revenue it’s contributing to your bottom line.

Configuration Setting

Keep a check on your outgoing campaigns with features such as DND, Throttling, and Frequency Capping.