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Cross-channel user engagement: Trends & Insights

The eBook is made by WebEngage - India's No. 1 comprehensive intelligent engagement platform. This eBook will provide an overview of the current state of multi-channel user acquisition.
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Gone are the days when brands praised and promoted their products on the streets. Marketing strategy has had a breakthrough, with the explosion of digital technology completely changing the game for everyone. businesses. Cross-channel user engagement is the key to success in the digital era.

Modern users are active individuals, connected to the internet anytime, anywhere with smart mobile devices with high-speed, affordable internet packages. Businesses are effectively leveraging a variety of communication methods to interact with users every day. These include Email & SMS, Web & Mobile Push, In-App Notifications, etc. These are important "weapons" to attract consumers - users who are increasingly active and always connected.

Omega Martech would like to introduce the eBook Cross-Channel User Engagement: Trends and Insights (Cross-channel user interaction: Trends & Insights) of WebEngage - India's top 1 comprehensive intelligent interaction platform. This eBook will provide an overview of the current state of omnichannel user acquisition.

What information will the eBook provide you with??

Through this eBook, you will gain deeper insight into how users interact with brand messages across various channels. Additionally, this eBook analyzes the results of studying billions of data points to identify important user trends and insights. Here are a few numbers to help you see the problem more comprehensively:

  • More than 300 business customers analyzed
  • 110 million users interact with each other every day
  • 180 million messages are sent every day
  • 3 billion events are tracked every day


User behavior is increasingly changing, showing that their needs and preferences are constantly changing. While independent campaigns still have a role to play, today's consumers still want personalized experiences. Therefore, brands need to continue to closely monitor and analyze users' browsing and purchasing behavior. This will help them deliver the most unique and satisfying experiences consistently, making businesses more ready for the future.

We hope these statistics will help you better understand and optimize your omnichannel marketing strategy.


01. How to deploy a user interaction campaign via Email

02. How to deploy user interaction campaigns using Push Notification

03. How to deploy user interaction campaigns using Web Push

04. Campaigns to interact with users via Website Notifications

05. User interaction campaigns using In App Notifications

06. Campaigns to interact with users using SMS

07. Conclusion


WebEngage is India's top 1 comprehensive intelligent customer interaction platform. WebEngage's role is to help brands understand customer insights, providing toolkits to help create hyper-personalized customer experiences leading to increased retention rates & sustainable revenue growth.
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