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|RECAP| MartechTalk 09 – Applying data-driven strategies to increase retail sales

MartechTalk 09

Webinar MartechTalk 09 organized by Omega Martech took place successfully on the afternoon of March 15, continuing to mark an important milestone in the development, coverage and value spread of the MaretchTalk chain. 

Making the most of data-driven topics in the retail industry, MartechTalk 09 – Applying data-driven strategies to increase retail sales worked with experts from WebEngage, VinaCIS, Woay & Omee to provide insights in leveraging data for sales growth, especially for retailers.

The program includes the following main topics:

  1. The story of “wasting” data & how to optimize user data
  2. Data-driven application for customer retention and sales growth
  3. Leverage and mine data from existing platforms
  4. Sales story and optimization of sales on TikTok Shop
  5. How to exploit data for effective sales and customer care on Zalo

Video Recap event MartechTalk 09

The role of data in retail businesses

According to Ms. Thu Le - a representative from OMEE, who has worked at large retail companies such as Supersports Central Retail Vietnam & PNJ Watch, data is one of the important factors in many business activities. . Optimized use of data will help brands increase customer experience and loyalty. Proper data mining is also the basis for businesses to make appropriate remarketing decisions, and have a full update on the market and customer trends.

Au Duong Dat - VP of Growth of VinaCIS also shared that data segmentation should be focused. This helps businesses personalize messages to the right customers, avoid spam, and provide timely customer support.

What problems are businesses facing in using data?

A full data warehouse will not necessarily bring business efficiency if businesses do not know how to manage them. 

Experts say that the biggest and most common problem that organizations are facing is fragmented data. The Omni-channel trend is getting stronger and stronger due to the widespread effect and interaction it brings. However, there are still many businesses that are confused and passive about the amount of data pouring in from multiple sources. The state of unconsolidated data makes it impossible for businesses to update customer insights, making business decisions as a result.

In addition, the data is collected in a sketchy and incomplete way, the business does not have a team to analyze in-depth data or the problem of customer information security are also outstanding issues and also remain unsolved problems. quite common in many organizations today.

Let's start with a mindset about always collecting data

Luis Kashyap, Global Head of Partnership of WebEngage, says it costs five times less to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. 

His advice is to start with a mindset about always collecting and optimizing your data. Start with the easiest source to collect and then expand to others. Once you have basic customer insights, businesses need to flexibly change campaigns to better suit user tastes. At the same time, constantly A / B Testing to be able to understand customers in the most profound way. Once you've finally collected enough data, automate the collection process and start creating personalized experiences for your customers.

The story of optimizing data-driven sales with platforms

So how do we collect user data and leverage it? Experts from Woay, VinaCIS and TikTok Shop have provided the key to this problem. Mr. Long – CSO of Woay said that solutions for collecting, interacting and retaining users supported in the form of Gamification today are very popular because of their novel and interesting nature and chance to win trend. attract customers. 

According to Ms. Uyen Le - Partners Development of TikTok Shop, the present moment is a promising start of the shoppertainment trend, as users increasingly favor the combination and intersection of shopping and entertainment. novel and seamless experience.

Besides, Mr. Au Duong Dat also shared in detail about the Zalo ecosystem, supporting the integration of CDP, CRM, DMS, ERP AND POS software. This helps retailers collect, identify, and unify user data, reducing costs, time and operating processes, and distributing multiple channels of campaign interactions.


Data-driven is predicted to be an increasingly focused and invested trend. Hopefully, through the event, retailers have partly "harvested" useful and relevant information for themselves and their businesses, and also started to form ideas for the initial steps in the strategy. data-driven brand.



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